About Us

About US

SIGIST means "Specialist Interest Group In Software Testing", the term was created by BCS The Chartered institute for IT in 1989, and has therefter spread all over the World.

We wanted to start a branch here in Sweden with a similar mission as the original in the U.K.

The basic language will be English to enhance the reach for this Community to other SIGISTs over the World.

If a speaker strongly wants to speak in Swedish, this will be communicated prior to the Conference.

We want to increase the competence in the Testing and QA industry and create both a better environment for professionals and a place where you can go and learn about the latest in the industry without having to pay loads of money.

Membership is free, the Conferences will cost 1000 SEK + tax.(1250:-)

The focus is to hire Industry Leading speakers to our Conferences that will bring us the latest methods and techniques.

There will be 2 Conferences per year, and from 2017 we will add educations to the services.

We will have sponsors that will be presenting their products and services in the mingling area on the Conferences. 

Another goal is to create a networking Environment where testers can openly speak about their trade and gather knowledge over the Company borders.

We also want to have a "chat" where testers can ask questions and get help fast from specialists.

All new free ebooks about our area will be stored for everyone to read.

If you want to get in touch with us, please email: info@sigist.se